In Preview: FLD by Bob Turner

FLD (Flood) Created by Bob Turner
24 pages – Full Colour

Remove the vowels and then it becomes a spell that will pull you down and under…

FLD book opens on a single drop of water splashing down and becoming part of the sea. We then watch a fish jump out of the water and seemingly swallow the world that hangs above it in the sky.

Once again, Mr Turner twists our perceptions and toys with our emotions. He is at once playfully cruel and bright and colourfully imaginative in the short stories that he pulls you along on.

Art in progress for Bob Tuner’s new comic, FLD

FLD returns us to our friend with the big old eyeball for a head. Under the covers in bed, asleep, he blinks with surprise awake and heads outdoors to see that the rain is coming down in bucketloads. With a boat to hand he loads his purple little blobby dog thing into the boat and heads out on the swelling seas. Will they survive? Will they find high ground?

I have really enjoyed Bob’s books and this is perhaps my favourite so far. It has less of the chasing that went on in his previous series DTHRTL, maybe less of the frenetic urgency? This is more of a legendary journey across sometimes angry and sometimes calm seas.

I watch and allow the movement and images to wash over me and I’m also carried along on the waves of the beautifully simplistic tale. FLD offers a tranquil moment in my morning as I read it in preparation of this review. Its transitions have me in a storytelling trance as I am fascinated by this little eyeball man and his ever so traumatic life. 

Mr Turner manages to emote more through this uncomplicated story and some incredible visuals than most manage with more hurried details.

Another highly recommended comics from this Edinburgh creator. Take a moment out of your day to enjoy his work.

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