In Review: Walks with Lulu

Walks with Lulu - Cover


Created by Elizabeth Querstret
24 full colour pages – A5 size

Me, yes me, I’d like to go on a walk with Lulu. Maybe she could tell me about her days with Take That? Maybe tell me some stories of the swinging sixties or hanging out with Hot Gossip on Top of the Pops.

Hang on?

It’s a dog and not a tiny pop star with a big voice?

Even better!

Walks with Lulu  - Sample Page

Walks with Lulu - Sample PageWalks with Lulu can be summed up by a line from Of Mice and Men quoted on its inside front cover ‘I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why.’

We look after our pets and in other ways they look after us. This is how we feel about our dogs. Dogs are our friends, our confidants, our buddies in adventures and, sometimes, just someone to cuddle up with.

The creator of this colourful poem of a book takes a friend’s dog out on walks and brings a sense of wellbeing through this act of friendship and kindness. The joy of this simple act is shared between walker and walkee. The emotion in this book is conveyed in art that puts cuteness at its forefront without being sickly sweet. The feelings and thoughts of the artist are amplified through her four legged pal.

Taking on new challenges.

Meeting people.

Overcoming fears.

The pair triumph over all on a colourful country walk.

Lulu herself has big dollops of character that easily put a certain Scottish pop singer to shame.

I really enjoy everything that Elizabeth puts out and this is no exception. It’s published by Avery Hill Publishing and available through

You can find the creator herself at and on Twitter @Querstret

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