In Review: Bajo Mano: Issue 1 – Thief

In Review: Bajo Mano: Issue 1 - Thief - Cover
Written and drawn by Talulah Burtram

‘Bajo-Mano’ “Ba-Ho Mah-No” – Spanish for Underhand

The Story: Bajo Mano is a series about the members of a small town police squad, as they work through cases, romances and uncover hidden secrets.

Kurt Wakahisa, tired of being ‘the rookie’ is stuck doing the small-time cases in the small American town he patrols on his bycycle. He’s bullied by both his colleagues and victims of crime.

He decides to get a piece of the action and takes on a seemingly simple case of underwear stolen off a clothes line. He puts his neck out , but nothing is as it seems. A series of weird thefts begin that could change his life forever….

A plot begins to unravel involving strange  aloof Sergeants, pervert thieves, angry supervisors and kung-fu kicking detectives!

In Review: Bajo Mano: Issue 1 - Thief - Sample 1
The Review: I have to admit to really enjoying this book. It’s unlike anything I have read for a while and is fun throughout.

Its creator, Talulah Burtram, makes no secret of her Manga influences in terms of the book’s look, as you can see from the pages featured here. Faces show exaggerated emotions. There’s overly dramatic dialogue throughout. But this works perfectly and carries the reader through the story at a great pace with well crafted twists and turns.

A small niggle is that some of the lettering is a little clunky, but that hardly makes a dent in what is a hugely enjoyable ride of a story.

I highly recommend that you seek this out online. Issue two is already up and takes all these plot points to the next creepy stage.

• You can find this at or

• You can find the creator herself on Twitter @TallyBurtram or at her personal art blog

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