New International Journal of Comic Art out now

 International Journal of Comic Art  
The latest edition of the International Journal of Comic Art is out now, the premier academic journal devoted to all aspects of cartooning and comics.

Edited by John Lent, the whopping 675 page tome features

Visual Language: Neil Cohn and Kent Worcester in Conversation by Neil Cohn and Kent Worcester

From lcono-Iinguistic Unity to Semiotic Continuity: An Alternative Description of Semiotic Repertoire of Comics by  Hubert Kowalewski

Origins and Definitions: Arguments for a Non-Essentialist Approach by Hannah Miodrag

Comic Composition; or When Kierkegaard and Cartoon Art Took to the Streets by Louise C. Larsen

The Archive as Comic: Aleksandar Zograf’s “Polovni svet” and Post-Yugoslav Serbia by Paul Morton

Terry Hirst: The Renowned Trailblazer Editorial Cartoonist and Comics Author in Kenya by Msanii Kimani wa Wanjiru

The Waking Life of Winsor McCay: Social Commentary in A Pilgrim ‘s Progress by Mr. Bunion by Kirsten A. McKinney

An Australian Comic Breakthrough: Craig San Roque’s The Long Weekend in Alice Springs. Adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito by Richard Scully and Joshua Santospirito

The 19th Oddity of Yunnan: Propaganda and Memory in Li Kunwu and Philippe Otie’s Graphic Novel A Chinese Life by Nick Stember

Into the Present, by Way of a Non-Existent Past: Breccia, Trillo, and Alvar Mayor by Hector Fernandez L’Hoeste

Daumier’s Deadline: Expedited Expressiveness and Franco-Belgian Cartooning by David Allan Duncan

Avant-Garde Abirached by Mark McKinney

The Self-named “Fool-in-chief”: Cameroon’s Hard-hitting Cartoonist, Nyemb Popoli by John A. Lent

Landscapes of Trauma in Grenier and Austini’s Rwanda 1994 by Jennifer Anderson Bliss

Against a “Tradition of the New”: Architectural Criticism in Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor’s Batman: Death by Design (2012) by Gorana Tolja

Bob Staake: “I don’t Like the term cartoonist at all … ” by Michael Rhode

Leading British Politicians in The Times’ and The Guardian’s Cartoons 2010-2013 by Monika Nowicka and Janusz Kazmierczak

Crossing the Line: Offensive and Controversial Cartoons in the 21st-Century — “The View from Australia” by Richard Scully

UNMAD and Bangladeshi Cartooning: A Socio-Cultural Journey with a Bitter Sense of Humour by Mehedi Haque

The Mediated Appeal of Kawaii “Cute” Mascot Characters in Japanese Consumer Culture: A Case of Kumamon by Michael L. Maynard

Malay Pendekar: Silat Warrior in the Malaysia Graphic Novel by Muhamad Azhar Abdullah

Pioneers in Comic Art Scholarship – Oscar Steimberg and the Origins of Comics Studies in Argentina by John A. Lent and Pablo Turnes

German Comics after Unification: The Politics of Anke Feuchtenberger’s Feminist Aesthetics by Elizabeth Nijdam

Comics Exhibitions in Contemporary France: Diversity and Symbolic Ambivalence by Jean-Matthieu Meon

The Gradual Nationalization of Comic Strips in Brazilian Newspapers by Paulo Ramos

Matt Wuerker on the Cartoonists Rights Network International by Michael Rhode

From Corporate to Collaborative Comics in India by Jeremy Stoll

Comics and Journalism: Witnessing the World with Pen and Paper by Joost Pollmann

Bandas Orientales: Una Experiencia de Historieta Historica Digital en el Marco Del Plan Ceibal by Maria Victoria Saibene Lopez

Comicvoice: Theory and Application by John Baird

Considering the Perception of Time and Sequential Images in Digital Comics by Davey Sams

Teaching Graphic Novels and Manga at the University by Marc Wolterbeek

Measuring the Impact of Free Comic Book Day in Singapore by Philip Smith

The Motif of the Wound in Attack on Titan by Asuka Yamazaki

Personal Remembrances: Interviews with Seven Recently-Deceased Giants in Cartooning and Animation by John A. Lent

Vins: Chronicler of Life and Times

Mrinal Chatterjee and Triambak Sharma

The Printed Word by John A. Lent

Book Reviews by Kirsten M0llegaard, Philip Smith, Andrew Lesk and John A. Lent

Exhibition and Media Reviews (Edited by Michael Rhode) by David Robertson – a feature on Dundee Comics Day – Nick Nguyen and Michael Hill

• The International Journal of Comic Art (ISSN 1531-6793) published and edited by John Lent. For more info and to order visit:

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