Jamie Hewlett backs Greenpeace Arctic campaign’s Christmas eCard promotion

It may be Christmas, but Santa’s worried about his home. With oil companies like Shell and Gazprom moving in to drill in the Arctic Ocean, his home at the North Pole is rapidly disappearing from under his feet. Soon, it could be destroyed completely.

To remind your family and friends of the beauty of the Arctic and the threats it faces, why not send them a special Christmas card this year? Greenpeace, who have been campaigning for its future, have released an array of beautiful, funny and exclusive Christmas cards as part of their Save Santa’s Home camapign, designed by people who care about the Arctic from all over the world, including Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett.

Other cartoonists – joining the likes of Jarvis Cocker and Vivienne Westwood in the campaign – include Raymond Briggs, Seppo, Modern Toss, Dave Walker and Peter Schrank.

When you send a card you are automatically signing the Greenpeace petition to save the Arctic and supporting their work, which led to the ‘Arctic 30’  being arrested by the Russian government and accused of piracy (even though their ship was in international waters)

As you send these to your loved ones, remember the North Pole and the threats it faces by companies like Gazprom and Shell. It’s these dangers that the Arctic 30 want to draw the world’s attention to – help them spread the word.

• Send a Greenpeace Card: www.savesantashome.org/cards

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