Jeff Hawke Space Gen Cards: comics inspired education!

Back in 1956, Junior Express Weekly, a weekly comic from the Daily Express, produced a batch of Jeff Hawke-inspired cards with a scientific background.

The settings are those in which comic strip hero Jeff Hawke works, all with reference to Sydney Jordan‘s stories: the solar system, the spaceships, the various moments in the daily life of astronauts in space.

Produced in simple primary colours, suitable for the audience of youngsters to whom they were addressed, the complete series ran to 25 items.

Aimed at educating while having fun, each image represented a spatial topic, completed on the back by a concise but exhaustive explanation.

There are many more details on the Jeff Hawke Space Gen cards, when they were released and what Junior Express Weekly readers needed to do to get them in the Jeff Hawke Junior publication from the Jeff Hawke Club, which we publicised a while back here on downthetubes.

To join the Jeff Hawke Fan Club visit| Follow their blog here | For ordering information contact

Jeff Hawke © Daily Express

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