The Future’s Here: 2000AD Prog 2109 – and “Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations”, too!

2000AD 2109 - Cover2000AD powers out of November with nary a backward glance, setting sight on the end of the year and the seriously scrotnig 100-page Christmas special, heading your way on 12th December. But before that, we’ve got the finale to “Judge Dredd – The Small House” and the return of “Sinister Dexter” to enjoy!

Without heading into spoiler country, it looks like “The Small House” is setting up some major threads for 2019 and if you’re into political thrillers then Rob Williams has given us everything with this tale spanning many years of Dredd and Mega City history. The finale is terrific.

Alongside a  double-length start of a new adventure for hitmen “Sinister Dexter” as Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell dive down to “The Sea Beneath the City“, we also get the latest instalments of “Kingdom” and “Brink“, too.

(Hang on – the Abnett clones have taken over the Prog! Is anybody keeping tabs on this?

Be back in seven for Prog 2111, which includes the final episode of “Caballistics, Inc., the fan-favourite supernatural series created by Gordon Rennie and Dom Reardon. Are you ready?

Meanwhile, don’t forget that Judge Dredd Megazine (Issue 402), which includes a wonderful tribute to Carlos Ezquerra, is also on sale in all good newsagents and in bookshops, there’s a host of new titles to look out for from Rebellion.

Ken Reid's Creepy CreationsBeware all ye who open Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations, for a start. The creatures contained within, are some of the most bizarre, hilarious and hideous ever to haunt the pages of a comic!

For the first time ever, marvel at The Many-Headed Monster from Monmouth! Tremble at the sight of Terry the Tellible! Recoil in horror from The Fork-Eating Spaghetti Spook! And much more besides!

A testament to Ken Reid’s artistic genius and his hugely creative imagination, these illustrations have been collected and lovingly restored in all their (creepy) glory…

 Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Volume 32Also out this week is the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Volume 32, featuring stories by a host of creators.

Mega-City One – a nightmarish enclosure located along the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Only the Judges – powerful law enforcers supporting the despotic Justice Department – can stop total anarchy running rife on the crime-ridden streets.

Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the law and these are his stories… Judge Dredd assesses the performance of a promising young cadet, Rico – another clone of Judge Fargo. Earning his badge, Rico is soon assigned to the troubled Sector House 108 – where everything he has learnt is put to the test!

Dredd: Final JudgementFinally, there’s Dredd: Final Judgement, the comic-book sequel to the cult movie DREDD, which reaches its epic final story with the clash that fans have been waiting for – Judge Dredd versus Judge Death!

Mega-City One, the cusp of the 22nd century. Eight hundred million people are living in the ruin of the old world, a planet devastated by atomic war. Only one thing fighting for order in a metropolis teetering on the brink of chaos – the men and women of the Hall of Justice. One such lawman is Judge Joe Dredd, who is about to be confronted with his strangest and most challenging case yet.

Dredd: Final Judgement brings the comic book tie-ins to Alex Garland’s DREDD movie to a close with a story that will shatter the lawman’s world! Scripted by Arthur Wyatt and Alex De Campi, and illustrated by Henry Flint.

Rob Williams (Writer) Henry Flint (Artist) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Home to over 100 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!

2000AD 2109 - Judge Dredd

Now, Dredd is determined to confront the mysterious covert operative Judge Smiley, after learning what was in File 2103…

by Dan Abnett (Writer) INJ Culbard (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

The late 21st century, and through environmental catastrophe and industrial overload Earth has been reduced to a wasteland. Mankind finally evacuated the planet in 2072 and millions were housed in a number of deep-space Habitats. Bridget Kurtis, investigator with the Habitat Security Division, was involved in a sect-crime case that saw her partner murdered. Now, she’s gone undercover on Yuliya Habitat, but she’s been discovered…

2000AD 2109 - Brink

by Dan Abnett (Writer) Steve Yeowell (Artist) John Charles (Colourist) Ellie De Ville (Letterer)

Gun-sharks Finnigan SINISTER and Ramone DEXTER are the best triggers money can buy in the future city of Downlode. Having whacked Holy Moses Tanenbaum, a ganglord from an alternate dimension whose presence threatened the fabric of reality, they’ve found killing him reset the continuum, meaning no one knows who they are, apart from hacker Billi Octavo.

Now, they’re getting back to business, working for the Lizard King…

2000AD 2109 - Sinister Dexter

by Dan Abnett (Writer) Richard Elson (Artist) Abigail Bulmer (c) Ellie De Ville (Letterer)

Earth, the far future. Mankind has been all but destroyed, those still surviving forced into hiding by Them — insectile creatures that have taken over the world. Charged with protecting humanity are genetically engineered dog-soldiers like Gene the Hackman — savage warriors that patrol the wilderness.

Now, a thermonuclear strike from the Masters’ orbital has given Gene the chance to escape from the Riders, a next generation of Aux…

2000AD 2109 - Kingdom

2000AD Prog 2109 is on sale now in all good newsagents in the UK and worldwide digitally. Web:

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