Johnston to promote Dead Space at next Expo

Promotional art for Dead Space 2. © EA Games

British comics writer Antony Johnston will be on hand to help promote the new EA Games title Dead Space 2 when it’s trailed at the next London MCM Expo, which will be held at Excel on 29-31 October 2010 and closes out the month-long London Games Festival.

By then, his new Dead Space graphic novel, drawn by Christopher Shy and published by IDW, may also available – if not, check out the official Dead Space web sites.

The Dead Space 2 game ramps up the horror action even further than the original, as lone survivor Isaac Clarke struggles to keep his sanity while taking on relentless necromorph onslaughts. EA say players will be kept on the edge of their seats as Isaac fights bigger, scarier and more epic battles than ever before aboard an all-new space installation known as ‘The Sprawl’.

Having trailed the original Dead Space at London MCM Expo, Midlands MCM Expo and Memorabilia, the videogames publisher returns to offer show visitors an über early sneak peek of the much-anticipated sequel, set to hit shelves in January 2011.

London MCM Expo is also delighted to announce that award-winning British author Antony Johnston, whose has written several Dead Space projects, will also be attending the show.

His latest Dead Space story is Dead Space: Salvage, a self-contained 120-page graphic novel, billed as a “sidequel” and taking place between the first and second Dead Space games. It tells the story of the missing, necromorph-infested planet-cracker USG Ishimura, presumed lost and drifting somewhere in the Aegis system.

Then the ship is discovered by a band of ‘magpies’ — unlicensed miners and salvage merchants — who quickly realise it’s not the bountiful haul they were hoping for.

Anthony also wrote the Dead Space webisodes based on the saga and the Dead Space: Extraction comic and graphic novel.

Christopher Shy, who is illustrating the new graphic novel, is the founder of Studio Ronin and an accomplished film and concept designer, whose graphic novel projects include Silent Leaves, Soul StealerAscend, Good Apollo, work for Marvel, DC, as well as set design for concerts, and film.

Recently, Studio Ronin and Christopher Shy completed work on the graphic novel Pathfinder, released by Dark Horse Comics, which was made into a film directed by Marcus Nispel. Studio Ronin handled design on the film in almost every aspect, from simple sword and helmet designs, to miniatures, and customs concepts, as well as the promotional materials, including the international and domestic movie poster.

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