Judge Dredd seeks the Judge Child in new collection

2000AD continues its popular run of pocket-sized black-and-white reprints of Judge Dredd classics with The Judge Child – as the lawman leaves Earth on an intergalactic mission to save Mega-City One!

When Justice Department’s oldest psychic has a terrifying vision of the future, Dredd and a select group of Judges are sent on a mission to find The Judge Child – an adolescent named Owen Krysler who may be the only being powerful enough to stop the foretold apocalypse. But at what cost?

Featuring some of the most iconic moments in the strip’s history, Dredd encounters a galaxy stranger than anything you could imagine – from alien voodoo priests to spaceship-eating planets and diseases that make their victims disappear piece by piece! The Judge Child truly is Judge Dredd at its insane, imaginative best.

Referenced in both Judge Dredd films, this epic story also introduced the famous Angel Gang – including headbutt-happy Mean Angel, whose dial controls his level of aggression.

With incredible artwork by the greatest names to have drawn Judge Dredd – Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon, and Ron Smith – the latest in 2000AD’s line of Dredd stories in B-format is an all-time classic, a must have that will appeal to old readers and those unfamiliar with the world of Mega-City One.

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