Judge Reid by Nick Miller

Comics artist Nick Miller has quickly risen to my “Drawn Judge John Reid Challenge” and delivered this cracking version of the savage Scot from the new British Ministry of Justice!

Thanks, Nick!

Look out Britain - It's Judge Reid!

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  1. Joe Gordon from Forbidden Planet International dropped me an e-mail to say of this: “Brilliant — although I’ve always thought Reid would make a better classic East End Glasgow hard man gangster than a Judge, he just exudes that quality. Ministry of Justice also made me think of Orwell – you think we will get a Ministry of Peace to go with it?

    “Fair gave me a chuckle on a Monday though! We need Cam Kennedy to do a whole strip of this!”

    And then added “Do you think his Lawgiver has an extra setting? “Lawgiver to ‘illegal immigrant’!” BADAMM!