2000AD Britain – It’s Really Happening

Gleneagles 2005 - Clown Army by SMSResponding to an appeal for comic images of Britain inspired in part by news of the establishment of a Ministry of Justice, straight from the pages of 2000AD, the ever brilliant SMS sent me this image, hot on the heels of Nick Miller’s ‘Judge John Reid’ below.

“It was done under the influence of being at Gleneagles in ’05 when the Chinook’s landed in the cornfield to debouch the hordes of riot cops who swarmed down to attack the (Totally Amazing) ‘Clown Army‘, and thinking ‘Fuck me! This is sheer Judge Dredd!’,” says SMS. “I felt that, compared to this, ‘SF images’ were empty, mundane and silly, so had to paint it.”


• More about the Clown Army (as well as their web site link, above), can be found on Wikipedia

Categories: 2000AD, British Comics


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