Larry Blamire releases Steam Wars trailer

One of the chapters of SciFi Art Now touched on steampunk and included the work of

writer, director, actor and artist Larry Blamire. Larry has been promoting a project, Steam Wars, for some time now, and I’m delighted to report he has just released this trailer video to promote the animated movie he dearly would love to make.

“Give it a share on Facebook or wherever,” he urges.

Set in the late 1890s, Steam Wars envisions a world where wars are fought in massive (and not so massive) Victorian walking machines. The story follows the detailed operations of one crew, specifically a reckless trio of heroes who often succeed despite themselves.

Such is the danger of the steam service – and difficulty recruiting – that, instead of being chastised, each time they destroy a “rig” they’re assigned a bigger one.

And when will the film be made?

“When we have enough folks behind us and get the funding we need,” Larry enthuses, “which is why it helps so much for folks to share this!”

“Exposure is the key to making this ambitious project happen. And Enjoy!”

• More info: or Like the Steam Wars facebook page 

• Follow Larry on Twitter: or Facebook

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