Manchester Art Gallery to host Zine Fair and publication launch

(With thanks to Matt Badham): Manchester Art Gallery is to host a Zine Fair and the launch of a new publication, Dreams Without Frontiers, on Thursday 31st January.

Running fom 5 – 8.45pm, this is the first time the Gallery has hosted a zine fair, which will feature stalls around the ground floor selling self-published magazines and fanzines, small press books, comics, hand-made prints, poetry, and limited run vinyl records.

In an extra busy evening at the Gallery, Dave Haslam will help launch new publication as an accompaniment and response to themes arising from the Gallery’s current exhibition Dreams Without Frontiers in the Manchester Gallery.

There will be speeches and readings at 6.45pm. Just turn up and enjoy.

• More info: (Scroll page down for info)

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