Making Better Comics – artist Adam Lumb delves into the comics form, aided by the work of Scott McCloud

Adam Lumb, the Sheffield-based creator, writer and artist of the self-published fantasy horror graphic novel series The Tide acknowledges Scott McCloud’s books (Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics) had a huge impact on his desire to make them – and voices that in a new video that should be of interest to many comic creators.

Adam Lumb - Creating Better Comics

“They hinted at the potential of comics to be more,’ he says, prefacing a new video on his YouTube channel that delves deep into Scott’s work and looks at how they laid the foundations of what might be necessary to fulfil the potential of the medium.

“Having spent 2020 re-examining my art style, I thought I’d take a look at some of Scott’s books on my shelf in the studio,” he says. “In this new video I propose how Scott’s models for art can be developed to include other mediums such as film and TV – and consider why these medium are more popular with the public than comics.”

Adam, who has his own imprint, Sea Change Comics, also looks at how this exploration has informed the development of his own art, which includes two upcoming projects, Book Three of The Tide, Whispers, and ZOYA, a Russian cyberpunk comic, both in the works and soon launching through Kickstarter.

He’s always been a creator keen to share his thoughts on the comics form, and this video continues his exploration of the form, and for anyone creating comics is well worth a look.

“Whether you make comics or read comics I hope you’ll join me and keep exploring,” Adam offers.

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