Mazeworld collection set for 2011 release

Rebellion (the publishers of 2000AD) are to release a collection of Mazeworld, the acclaimed story written by Alan Grant, later this year.

The creator-owned comic series ran in 2000AD between 1996 and 1999. With the tagline “Is Death the Door to Another World?”, it’s a fantasy story about Cadman – the first person hanged in Britain since 1964 transported to the Mazeworld.

Only ever collected by in the US by Caliber Comics and in three black and white volumes, Mazeworld is well overdue a full-colour collected edition. Fans who started a campaign to get it back into print in 2010 felt that with Ranson’s collaboration with John Wagner, Button-Man, having its option renewed by Dreamworks, it might not take much more than some demand from the public to see Mazeworld finally reprinted.

Talking about the collection over on his official web site last October, Arthur Ranson said there was “No way to measure what effect the ‘Let’s get Maze World back in print’ campaign had on Rebellion’s decision but a coincidence seems unlikely.”

Fans will have to wait until November 2011 to see the collected edition, which is being edited by Keith Richardson.

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