New Beano offers free copy of 2019 annual in limited distribution promotion

Beano 3977 - CoverThis week’s Beano (Issue 3977) is getting a limited distribution promotion, offering a bagged, free copy of the 2019 Beano Annual with purchase at participating WHSmith stores, which appear to be those at railway stations and airports.
It got a good “box out” to grab attention in the comic section of stores such as the branch at Manchester Piccadilly…
Beano 3977 gets a great "box out" promotion in key WHSmith stores across the UK

Beano 3977 gets a great “box out” promotion in key WHSmith stores across the UK

A limited distribution giveaway with the Benao 3977 - but it seems you'll have to head to your local WHSmith at a railway station to find a copy, as it's not available in every WHSmith outlet

A limited distribution giveaway with the Benao 3977 – but it seems you’ll have to head to your local WHSmith at a railway station to find a copy, as it’s not available in every WHSmith outlet

The “box out” really makes the bagged edition stand out and I’m sure such a great giveaway won’t hurt the title’s sales. We’re told via Twitter that the same promotion also ran at Tescos stores recently – and Sainsbury’s are also running a promotion this week, which includes a free Dandy annual.

Inside Beano no. 3977: Bubble Trouble!

Beano 3977 - Dennis and GnasherDennis and Gnasher are cleaning up their act this week! If Gnasher’s caught causing more mischief, then it’s the pound for him! So, when Gnasher drags mud from the garden into Mum’s nice clean house, Dennis has to clean it up.

The only problem: Dennis has never touched cleaning equipment in his life. Will our heroes make a clean getaway, or is it suds up for Gnasher?

Beano 3977 - Minnie the Minx

Minnie the Minx is also cleaning up her act this week. The Mayor’s giving away prizes to people who clean up Beanotown the most, and we know Minnie loves to win!
So, she’s on a mission to clean up Beanotown, whether it wants to be cleaned or not!

Beano 3977 - RubiRubi’s exploring the dark side of the moon with her new Rubi Rover. What will she find there? Aliens? A secret government facility? The possibilities are endless, if only everyone remembers to turn on the lights!

Beano 3977 - Bash Street KidsThe Bash Street Kids are off-roading this week to get to Excitement Land! Haven’t they learned their lesson about Class 2B and class trips? But, this is one school trip that they won’t drive by!

Beano 3977 - BananamanEric (aka Bananaman) is trying out for the school play. He’s so good at leading a double life, he wants to try his hand at doing it for fun! But crime stops for no man.

Can Eric make it through his audition without revealing his crime-fighting secret? And, more importantly, will he get the part?

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  1. That Dandy Annual of course includes Corporal Clott – but I assume 2020 will be his last appearance in the Dandy Annual, now that he’s become a Beano character?

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