Planet Replicas extends 2000AD merchandise line with new keyrings

Can’t find your Lawmaster keys? Keys to your hab have gone missing? Well, these problems are no more!

Feel the envy of all of Mega City One with the first of a range of new, high-quality 2000AD keyrings from Planet Replicas, the same company making the Judge Dredd costumes (see news story).

Choose either Judge Dredd’s metal badge of office or one of 2000AD’s classic title logo designs.

With the metal replica of Mega City One’s finest, you too can show your support for the Judges as well as keeping your prized keys under constant surveillance. (We could say it’s so chunky that it’s bullet-proof, but we’d rather no-one found out for sure…)

And highlighting 2000AD’s rich and varied history, the other keyring shows the title design from the 1982 2000AD Annual. Made from vinyl and 7mm thick, it’s a real quality piece and totally Zarjaz!

We’re told more designs in each of these two ranges are planned, and don’t forget – they’ll make great Christmas presents!

• The keyrings will shortly be available through the Planet Replicas webshop. For more information, sign up for the newsletter at

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