Quick Tube Surfing: 30 September 2008

• It seems to be interview central for this round up, but this one’s a goodie: Pádraig Ó Méalóid has been busy following up his epic interview with Alan Moore on the Forbidden Planet International blog by chatting with Todd Klein. It went up on the FPI blog this morning.

• Podcast Geek Syndicate has been taling to Smallzone’s Shane Chebsey, also one of the three organisers of the upcoming Birmingham Internation Comic Show taking place this coming weekend and as the largest Comic Con in the UK. “The most important lesson we learned [from last year’s evnt] was that we were far too cheap,” starts Shane. “The goody bags alone were worth at least three times the price of entry.” Read the interview

• Writer Tony Lee has been interviewed by Jen Contino of The PULSE, and they’ve just put up the third of a three-part interview. This time it’s talking about The Prince Of Baghdad, the serial Tony’s writing for The DFC with Dan Boultwood. You can read the interview here.

• And finally: over on Newsarama, Chris Arrant has interviewed Warren Ellis about his weekly webcomic FreakAngels. The first book’s worth of episodes have finished and a print edition is on its way, and Book 2 has just launched, prompting Chris to ask Warren how the title was going. “Well, ” Warren replied, “now I understand why all the British comics writers from the 70s and 80s who worked exclusively in weekly comics had those deep lines all over their faces and those eyes that pleaded silently for death…”

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