Tube Surfing: Hi-Ex, CD24, Classical Comics and Barefoot Zombies

• The Hi Ex elves may have been quiet but they tell us they’ve been busy behind the scenes rushing around the country banging on doors and jumping through hoops to get their next Highlands convention shipshape.

“We’re working hard to try and get funding to put on more, bigger and better,” says co-organiser Vicky Stonebridge. “We hope to get outreach events throughout the year and in the lead up to the event… watch this space.” In the meantime they are now on Twitter at Plus, a member of the 2000ad online message board has come up with a transport solution, if you want to travel to Hi Ex 2010 in style… although we’re not really sure a minibus really counts, what about a stretch limo for the weekend?

Myebook - Jack in the Box - Sampler - click here to open my ebook• Indie publishers tell us that since putting our graphic novel Jack in the Box on digital books service Myebook six weeks ago, which includes links to the HD trailer and the full Jack in the Box website, 3,000 visitors have checked out the page. It’s impressive but again, aside from a promotional tool, where’s the revenue stream for publishers?

• There’s a great new interview with Rainbow Orchid creator Garen Ewing over on the Forbidden Planet International blog, which includes a peek at some artwork from volume 2 to enjoy.

Transformers comic book writer Simon Furman has teamed up with Titan Magazines’ to launch ‘Comics Candy’, a monthly blog where he casts his eye over the latest comic releases. Read his first ‘Comics Candy’ post, which includes his thoughts on titles such as 28 Days Later and DC Comics Doom Patrol #1 and Batgirl #1 reboots, here.

• Part 10 Paul Rainey‘s comic There’s No Time Like The Present is now available. It still costs only £2.50 and, if you live in the UK and buy it from his website: that includes postage to destinations in the UK.

• Top artist Jon Haward reports there are now lettered preview pages of The Tempest (drawn by Jon) and Will Volley‘s Romeo and Juliet to view in the Previews section of the Classical Comics website. They look gorgeous: Romeo and Juliet graphic novel is out to buy now in three versions – Original Text, Plain Text and Quick Text. The Tempest graphic novel will be out 24th September, also in three versions, and Jon will be signing copies of The Tempest and Macbeth plus posters on the 25th and 26th sept at the Ace Comic Gallery in Colchester, his only sigining this year. More details on his blog here.

• And finally, talking of trailers and promotions, there’s a promotion for comics writer Jaspre Bark’s new novel, Way of the Barefoot Zombie here on Youtube…. great fun!

(Compiled with thanks to Matthew Badham and Joe Gordon)

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