Rainbow Orchid Vol 3 Preview On-Line

The third and final volume of Garen Ewing’s excellent series The Rainbow Orchid is due to be published on 2 April 2012 – which does sound like an awfully long way away.

However to keep us all going until then, Garen had just completed putting up a preview section of the book over on his website. The action takes place in England with Daily News photographer George Scrubbs encouraging the botanist Newton to help him rescue the reporter William Pickle from the clutches of Urkaz Grope.

Also helping to tide Rainbow Orchid fans over until next year are a new set of five badges featuring characters from the series that are available on the Rainbow Orchid website, along with t-shirts and the chance to get signed copies of the first two volumes.

The on-line preview for The Rainbow Orchid Volume 3 begins here.

The Rainbow Orchid shop is here.

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