Summer fun with Eagle Times (Volume 24, Number Two)

Eagle Times (Volume 24, Number Two - Cover
The Summer 2011 edition of Eagle Times is available now and features articles by downthetubes contributors Jeremy Briggs and Richard Sheaf.
Here’s the line up:
  • Frank and the Newspaper Cuttings: a look at the use by Frank Hampson, throughout his career, of images of newspapers and newspaper cuttings, as a powerful visual aid to storytelling
  • ‘Daan Durf – Piloot van de Toekomst’: Richard Sheaf delivers background on the 1980s Dutch reprint editions of the ‘Dan Dare’ adventures: De Mans Van Nergens (The Man From Nowhere) and De Woeste Planeet (Rogue Planet)
  • Keith Watson – Drawing from Life: the use of live and photographed figures to achieve realism of the clothed human form
  • Frank Bellamy’s Pictorial Journalism: a look at some of Bellamy’s illustrative work for newspapers, magazines and posters
  • Dan Goes Back to College: a report on the unveiling of the bronze bust of Dan Dare at the Southport College of Art, following its recent restoration
  • Rivals of Jeff Arnold – Buffalo Bill: part 7 of an ongoing series looking at the real and fictional Wild Western characters that appeared in British comics in the 1950s
  • Eagle’s Wanderers: an examination of two fictional football strips that appeared in Eagle. Part 1: ‘Home of the Wanderers’
  • Kemlo – the ‘Spaceworld’ books of E.C. Eliott: the life and work of Robert Martin, a prolific children’s writer of the 1950s-1960s (who wrote the ‘Joey’ series under his own name, the ‘Kemlo’ and ‘Tas’ series as E.C. Elliott and the ‘Pocomoto’ western series as Rex Dixon), taking a close look at three of the ‘Kemlo’ series
  • PC49 in the Case of the Crying Clown – part 2: concluding another adaptation of one of Alan Strank’s famous BBC radio police adventures
  • The David Pugh ‘Dan Dare’, part two: continuing an examination of the ‘Dan Dare’ stories drawn by one of the artists who took on the resurrected “original” Dan Dare in “new” Eagle 1989-1994
  • Sammy, Swift‘s Space Fleet Cadet: Stripography – part 2, concluding Jeremy Briggs summary of the Space Fleet stories that appeared in Eagle‘s companion paper
  • ‘The Final Frontier’: an extract from Arnie Wilson’s Big Name Hunting, in which he relates an interview with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin

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