Rainbow Orchid wins award

Congratulations to Rainbow Orchid creator Garen Ewing, who I interviewed for downthetubes last year.

Rainbow Orchid, a wonderful acrion adventure strip which makes an affectionate tip of the hat to Tin Tin (and has a loyal French comics fan following) has been honoured by Silver Bullets contributor Regie Riby as joint winner of his Fool Britannia Webcomic of the Year 2006 (with Gun Street Girl, which I’ve not read before but looks great).

“The plot is like a Faberge Egg,” says Regie, “beautiful to behold even at the most superficial glance, but so exquisitely intricate that the closer you look the more you see.” He’s not wrong: check it out for yourself at: www.garenewing.co.uk/rainboworchid.

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