Rare “Attu” fantasy art by Sam Glanzman up for auction

The original art for all 27 pages of Sam Glanzman‘s ATTU #3 is up for auction from Heritage Auctions – an auction benefitting the talented artist’s widow, Sue.

Sam Glanzman's ATTU #3 - Sample Art

Attu originally ran for just two issues, first published by 4Winds in 1989, and centred on a barbarian character, dipping into the dream-like mixture of science and fantasy that had characterised the earlier Kona Glanzman enjoyed working on for Dell in the 1960s.

A rare series entirely created, written and drawn by Glanzman, the story opened in 137 million BC, in the land of Gondwana, where caveman Attu comes face-to-face with his destiny. In the Forbidden Cave, he discovers a spaceship and a woman frozen in suspended animation and is bombarded with images of his future – fantastic visions of eras far beyond his own…

Sam Glanzman's ATTU #3 - Sample Art
Sam Glanzman's ATTU #3 - Sample Art

Up for auction is the entirety of the tale created for the third issue of the series (complete with its meta-fiction ending), that was finally published in the 2016 collected edition Attu: The Collected Volumes #1 from Dover Publications.

Incredibly, this comics rarity seems to have escaped the attention of collectors so far, attracting few bids which is a great shame given the cause.

“This auction benefits Sam’s widow, and we desperately need help to get the word out to art collectors as soon as possible,” urges Drew Ford, publisher at It’s Alive, which has released several books featuring work by Glanzman.

Check out the ATTU #3 art here on Heritage Auctions

Attu: The Collected Volumes #1 is available from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Attu: The Collected Volumes #1
Attu: The Collected Volumes #1

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