Red5 offers Superhero, Doctor Who “Onesies”

Superman Onesie from Red5 (

Superman Onesie from Red5

Batman Onesie from Red5 (

Batman Onesie from Red5 (

Goodness me, how on Earth did we miss these? Not content with Batman-related mugs (“The Dark Mug Rises“), gadget shop Red5 are offering two superhero-inspired “Onesies”.

Two Onesies celebrating US publisher DC Comics pantheon of heroes are now on sale – Superman and Batman (and for those of you who like your heroes home grown, there’s a Doctor Who TARDIS-themed Onesie on offer, too.

TARDIS Onesie from Red5

TARDIS Onesie from Red5

“Even the greatest Superhero of them all needs some down time every now and again,” enthuse Red5 in their promotion for the Superman Onesie, launched last year. “Constantly travelling faster than a speeding bullet and jumping buildings in a single bound can take it out of you. Since Krypton is no more, the Fortress of Solitude is the only place you can kick off your shiny red boots and hang up your cape for a nice bit of relaxation. Why not slip into something a little more comfortable too, like this snazzy Superman onesie!”

And Batman? “Slip into the officially licensed high quality Batman Onesie and snuggle up to the soft cotton fleece fabric. Cuffed arms, front pockets, a lined hood and a generous zip length with a large Batman zip pull allow for easy use and great comfort. Using quality plastic printing, the Batman logo has been affixed onto the front and back of the onesie.”

Off you go, then. You know you want one…


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