“Requiem Vampire Knight: Resurrection” is latest Millsverse digital title

Requiem Vampire Knight: Resurrection


Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD, writer of comic series such as “Charley’s War”, “Slaine”, “Marshal Law”, “Nemesis The Warlock” and “Accident Man”, launched his digital label, Millsverse, on Comixology in July with the one-off PsychoKiller from Toxic! magazine. Now he’s bringing a different kind of horror to digital publishing with volume one of Requiem Vampire Knight: Resurrection, an epic story created with French artist Olivier Ledroit about a German soldier who dies, is reborn on the Hell planet of Resurrection, and becomes a Vampire Knight.

Requiem is perfect for Comixology’s guided view, because Olivier Ledroit’s rich painted artwork looks even more amazing when it’s backlit,” Pat enthuses. “Panel by panel viewing also reveals details and brushstrokes that you can otherwise miss on paper.

“With eleven published volumes of Requiem – and two more volumes to complete the first story arc – we hope to build a new audience of digital readers that haven’t seen an English version of this award-winning hit series which is a best-seller in France.

Requiem is a darkly humorous, satirical, macabre and savage adventure saga that is 100 per cent Gothic. Resurrection is populated by a who’s who of the most evil people who ever lived on Earth.

Danse Macabre, the second volume in the series, is due out on 3 September, with volume 3, Dracula, following soon after. I think Comixology has done a great job of publishing Requiem quickly, and creating a very cool guided view.

“Alongside Requiem, we plan to release more creator-owned stories shortly and eventually to originate new comic series on Comixology.”

• Pat Mills website: www.millsverse.com

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