Sapphire & Steel Art Competition Winners – and a New Competition For Our Readers!

Sapphire & Steel by Davey Candlish
Sapphire & Steel by Davey Candlish

Earlier in the year we announced a challenge for downthetubes readers to come up with their interpretation of 1970s spooky ITV show Sapphire & Steeel, after it was revealed that Luther creator and Doctor Who script writer Neil Cross is, hopefully, to re-make the show. Sadly, we didn’t get a huge response to this competition, unlike our Doctor Who and Dan Dare challenges, but Nigel AuchterlounieDavey Candlish (his art above), Simon Daly and Tony Luke stepped up the plate and sent in some great art. You can view it all here.

Sapphire & Steel by Simon Daly
A quirky strip featuring Sapphire & Steel by Simon Daly

My favourite of those received was Simon Daly‘s quirky strip “Weird Stairs Swirly Time”, but I’m going to send everyone who entered something by way of a prize.

Says Simon: “I wish I could put more time into this. I agree with your readers, I could get really stuck into a new Sapphire & Steeel comic. But, if we want more weird British 70s/80s sci fi like the TV we grew up with we can just make our own right? That’s why I just launched Giant Space Owl. It’s a comic that’s influenced by all that good stuff.”

Check out the strip on the web comic platform Tapastic here, where you’ll also find a host of other great stuff, including Crucible, created by myself and 2000AD artist Smuzz, Man from Space by Marc Jackson, Mike Garley’s Allied Avenger and Nick Miller’s Worry Man – and much, much more.

Sapphire & Steel is available to buy on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Check out the Sapphire & Steel Audio Dramas from Big Finish (Affiliate Link)

You can view our Sapphire & Steel competition entries here on Flickr

British Comic Characters Made New Competition!

Our new competition is one we think more of you will enjoy, because everyone has their own ideas on this front. We want you to give us your “New Look” to a classic British comic character of your choice, be it Black Max, Doomlord, Steel Claw, The Spider or I-Spy. No decade is off limits, no character – apart from Dan Dare, who we’ve already done.

• Please send your entries to the downthetubes at – no high res files, ideally 1600 pixel width at least and no web links. Entries must be received by 12 noon on Thursday 26th November 2015. Good luck! As usual, the prize will be a random book or comic from our archive!

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