Small Pressers Appeal

Comics columnist and downthetubes contributor Matthew Badham will be speaking at a comics and animation conference, The Aesthetics of Trash at Manchester University at the end of August and is appealing for information from small press publishers.

“I’m going to be talking about British small press comics,” he says. “I’d be really grateful if small pressers could give me some feedback about their small press work.

Some questions then:

– What defines a small press comic?
– How did you first get involved in the small press?
– Why are you/were you involved in the small press?
– Please tell me about a little about your work (feel free to attach samples when you reply).
– What excites you about the small press in this country?
– What depresses you about the small press in this country?
– What are your feelings re: the Judge Dredd Megazine printing small press strips but not paying the creators?
– Who are the unsung heroes of the small press?
– Who are the (deservedly) sung heroes of the small press?

“Feel free to kick these questions about/tell me what I should be asking/disabuse me of the assumptions inherent in my questions and basically give me your perspective.” he asks. “The more quotable the better. And feel free to forward this request to anyone who you think would be interested in giving me their thoughts/ideas.”

Answers by email to mattbadham (at)

“The Aesthetics of Trash” : Reassessing Animation and the Comic
An International Conference
28th – 29th August 2007
Manchester Metropolitan University
The prices for attendees not delivering papers at this two day conference at the end of the month is £30, including refreshments.

• More information on the downthetubes events page

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