Happy New Year! Our Top 20 Most Read Posts in 2021

As one mixed year draws to a close and another, hopefully much better 2022 dawns, here’s a quick rundown of our most popular posts on downthetubes in 2021. Happy New Year!

This year saw many losses, and the British comics community was not immune to sadness. The deaths of Beano and The Dandy artist Duncan Scott and “Master of Cheekery”, comic artist Frank McDiarmid, both struck chords with our readers and both feature, rightly, in our Top Ten posts.

At Number Ten, our British Comic Characters Profiled feature on Dan Dare continues to indicate interest in the EAGLE character, even if it seems he’s not likely to make it to the big screen or TV any time soon. Look out, hopefully, for a further collection of early adventures sometime in 2022 from Titan Comics. It’s been a while since The Evil One was published in 2019, the releases another casualty of COVID.

Dan Dare: The Evil One

downthetubes readers were clearly alarmed by news that stolen Brian BollandJudge Dredd” art had surfaced on a major comic auction site. The matter was raised with both site and the artist’s agent.

Comics That Might Have Been continue to intrigue, so it no surprise the second part of our two-part item on a BBC Worldwide’s abandoned “ROBOT” Project made it into this year’s Top Ten. The magazine would have included an all-new Doctor Who, featuring an incarnation of the Rebel Time Lord created specifically for comics.

A dummy cover for ROBOT, art by Garry Leach
A dummy cover for ROBOT, art by Garry Leach

Back in March, Panini Comics UK revealed its new Marvel launches, and a Batman title – and plans for a new Captain Britain Omnibus.

While some titles have not survived the year, the Omnibus was published as planned in October, available here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link), and your local comic or bookshop.

Captain Britain Omnibus (2021)

Classic British Comics: Who Owns What? That seems to be a question many site visitors want the answer to.

Another feature, the UK and Ireland Local Comic Shop Map, continues to be a popular item on the site. Thank you to everyone who has provided information and updates.

Back in June, Anderson Entertainment announced a new publishing venture, plans to collect “UFO” strips across two volumes. This news was by far our most popular British comic collection feature of the year, taking the Number Two spot in our Top Ten. The first anthology is out now and it’s superb – read my initial review here.

UFO Comic Anthology (Anderson Entertainment, 2021)

Finally, if proof were needed of the lasting impact of Thunderbirds creators Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, then you won’t be surprised to learn that our most popular post of the year was the announcement of Anderson Entertainment’s plans for 2021 – what will they announce for 2022?

We don’t know, yet – but we do know what 2000AD and Treasury of British Collections and Specials are coming in 2022. Enjoy!

All the best to our readers for 2022! Thanks for read, and thank you to everyone on the downthetubes team for all their fantastic articles!


The art of the logo design for comic mastheads, scanned from my collection. All unique, all distinctive. Most of them would have been drawn by hand specifically for the publisher, not using fonts. The secret of a good logo is to stand out and be noticed across a busy shop. Most of these certainly did that! Graphic by Lew Stringer, re-used with his kind permission
Graphic by Lew Stringer, re-used with his kind permission

20 – UK and Irish Comic Conventions and Comic Exhibitions

19 – Day of the Triffids: A Graphic Novel Mystery – now solved! (and a guide to past “Triffids” comics)

18 – British Comics That Never Were – BBC Worldwide’s “ROBOT” Project – Part One

17 – 2000AD, Treasury of British Collections and Specials – 2022

16 – In Memoriam: Dan Dare and Thunderbirds comic artist Donald “Don” Harley

15 – UK’s first dedicated comic art gallery to open in Northampton

14 – The British Comic Industry Q&A

13 – A Big Thank You: British Comics Archivist, Writer, Collector, and Friend Colin Noble, King of Picture Libraries

12 – In Memoriam: Comics Editior, Co-Publisher Artist and Letterer Dave Evans, aka Bolt-01

11 – 2000AD, Treasury of British Collections and Specials – 2021

10 – British Comic Characters Profiled | Dan Dare

9 – Stolen Brian Bolland “Judge Dredd” art surfaces on major comic auction site

8 – British Comics That Never Were – BBC Worldwide’s “ROBOT” Project – Part Two

7 – Panini Comics UK reveals new Marvel launches, Batman title – and plans for a new Captain Britain Omnibus

6 – Classic British Comics: Who Owns What?

5 – In Memoriam: “Master of Cheekery”, comic artist Frank McDiarmid

4 – UK and Ireland Local Comic Shop Map

3 – Anderson Entertainment announces new publishing venture, “UFO” strips collected at last

2 – In Memoriam: Beano and The Dandy artist Duncan Scott

1 – Anderson Entertainment announces plans for a thrill-packed 2021

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  1. Somehow I’d missed the posts about the proposed Robot comic mag! What an amazing publication that would have been! Ah, if only!

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