In Review: UFO Comic Anthology Volume One

I’ve just received my copy of the UFO Comic Anthology Volume One from Anderson Entertainment, and I’m absolutely delighted to report it’s terrific!

I’ll be reviewing this in more detail after the Christmas festivities, but I’d like to congratulate everyone involved on a fantastic-looking book.

Based on the classic television series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO” was one of the my favourite comic strips of the 1970s, running in the weekly Countdown comic, which later became TV Action. Never before reprinted or collected to this extent in English, fans can now relive each powerful adventure and discover the story behind its creation – and beyond – with supporting features.

UFO Comic Anthology Volume One, designed by Stephen Cary, is the first of two volumes offering the complete collection of “UFO” comic strips from Countdown and TV Action. Volume One features 288 pages of colour and black and white strips from Countdown, as well as articles and interviews by Anderson comics expert Shaqui Le Vesconte, giving the reader context and fascinating insights into Countdown‘s history, artists, and UFO‘s life in comics.

After some concerns from a small number but vocal fans – I use the description “fan” loosely – about the potential quality of the repro work on this collection, I have to say that, in my opinion, it’s excellent, given the source material available.

Apologies for the “lens flare”.I blame aliens.

Stephen Cary, aided in part by Shaqui Le Vesconte, has done an excellent job on the restoration of the strips. He’s succeeded in trying to bring everything up to a standard that not only balances out the work presented so it looks consistently of the same high quality, but done so much other work too, bringing us a great comic collection.

The features look fascinating, too – I’m going to enjoy reading them.

My thanks to everyone involved in this, and Jamie Anderson, for making it happen. The “UFO”strip was one of the highlights of Countdown comic for me, back in the 1970s, and this collection has generated quite a smile and a glow of nostalgia.

You can order the UFO Comic Anthology Volume One from Anderson Entertainment

Book details: 304 x 228mm, 288pp, hardcover

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