In Review: Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer

Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer - featuring “Alistair Sadgitt” and “Rogue Rover”

Combat Colin creator Lew Stringer, whose credits encompass BEANO, Doctor Who Magazine and many other titles, has just released a new collection, Fanzine Funnies, his latest self-published venture. If you’re a fan of The Prisoner TV series, this is definitely a fun publication you should track down. The first run has already sold out, within a couple of days of launch, but a second run is at the printers.

Fanzine Funnies is a collection of Lew’s comic strips from the 1990s that satirised aspects of The Prisoner TV series, the material originally published in fanzines such as Camera Obscura, that few will have seen.

Just like his superb “Daft Dimensions” cartoon that runs in Doctor Who Magazine, sometimes these strips may be little dependent on knowing the show, but Lew is a master of that intangible, highly valued skill of creating funny strips that balance knowledge of subject matter, in this case, genre TV with funny gags anyone can appreciate. The strips included in this 32-page A5 landscape-format comic are early examples of such skills he’s since honed to perfection down the years.

On offer in this collection are two series Lew created in the early 1990s (some featuring scenes that aren’t suitable for children, just in case there are younger fans of his work reading this).

First up, there’s “Rogue Rover”, telling the story of what happened to “that big white balloon” after the events of The Prisoner, with the roving, and unusually articulate, sphere becoming a jobbing actor and then a time traveller. Some of Lew’s predictions for the future of TV are eerily prescient, and funny, as is a silly Trivial Pursuits-style Prisoner game.

Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer - featuring “Alistair Sadgitt” and “Rogue Rover” - Sample Art
Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer - featuring “Alistair Sadgitt” and “Rogue Rover” - Sample Art

The other series in the comic is “Mumbler Six” featuring Alistair Sadgitt, the most intense fanboy in the world. downthetubes readers will know Lew and I created a similar character, Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan (his strips previously collected by Lew) but, as Lew says, Alistair dials up the eccentricity of certain fans “Let’s face it, as enthusiasts of genre TV or comics, we’re all a little offbeat to certain degrees but Alistair Sadgitt dials up the eccentricity ”to 11… and beyond!”

Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer - featuring “Alistair Sadgitt” and “Rogue Rover” - Sample Art
Fanzine Funnies by Lew Stringer - featuring “Alistair Sadgitt” and “Rogue Rover” - Sample Art

Along with a very silly strip about the intensity of fan speculation about The Prisoner that brings a whole new perspective to coat hangers, my favourite strip has to be a Doctor Who/ The Prisoner crossover by way of a nod to certain infamous photo shoot by a former Who companion. I’m sure some of you can guess what I’m alluding to.

A highlight of this collection, for me, is “Number Six and his Unmutual Tricks” a what-might-have-been version of a The Prisoner strip if it had ever run in humour comics like Buster (where the daft bully character he created, “Tom Thug, landed after launching in Oink!). Lew skilfully blends his love of The Prisoner with his knowledge of humour comics with aplomb!

This is a smashing little collection, with a couple of other extras included, that I’m more than happy to recommend, and I’m not alone, given the first 100-issue run has sold out, with more copies already on the way from the printers.

Alistair Sadgitt by Lew Stringer

Grab one while you can from your nearest Village shop (joking…order details below).

Lew Stringer’s Fanzine Funnies is only available exclusively from Lew at comic cons, or from his eBay here

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