“Spectrum is Indestructible” Cover Reveal

Spectrum is Indestructible Cover by Andy W. CliftChinbeard Books has revealed Andy W. Clift‘s cover for Spectrum is Indestructible, Fred McNamara‘s unofficial celebration of Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

The book will be published in July. As we reported back in 2016, Spectrum is Indestructible will include in-depth reviews of all 32 episodes of the classic series, as well as other essays tackling specific themes/ concepts found in the show.

The book will also offer a fresh, critical examination of Captain Scarlet’s extended universe found in comics (including the 1960s British weekly TV21, where Captain Scarlet became the cover star, drawn by artists such as Ron Embleton and Mike Noble), novels and audio dramas, and much more.

“Nearly three years since I first announced the book, it’s quite a relief to be able to share something tangible with you,” says Fred. “The cover is the work of illustrator Andy. W Clift, with text design by Robert Hammond.

“They’ve really pulled out all the stops to create something imaginative, vibrant, and just all manners of awesome. I can’t thank the pair enough for what they’ve contributed.”

“It was a privilege to get to draw characters that I have loved all my life,” says Andy, who regular downthetubes readers will recognise as the creator of the brilliant independent comic Captain Cosmic, and more.

Keep on eye on the Chinbeard Books web site and Facebook page for a pre-order link and more information very soon!

Unless the Mysterons get to them first…

Spectrum is Indestructble
Author: Fred McNamara
Cover Illustration: Andy W. Clift
Cover Design & Infographs: Robert Hammond
Editor: Nicholas Hollands

• You can check out Chinbeard Books’ website here for further info, as well as follow them and Fred on Twitter or Chinbeard Books Facebook page

Fred McNamara’s Official Site

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons – The Complete Collection is avail;able here from amazon.co.uk

Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet is available here from amazon.co.uk

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons copyright ITV

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