The Script Archive Needs Your Help

We’re sorry to report that the fab comic writers resource, the not-for-profit Comic Script Archive might be going down.

“It sucks because I know it’s been really helpful to a lot of you – even some pros have emailed me, happy that the site exists – all of them commenting that they ‘wished something like this was around’ when they were breaking in,” says the site runner (whose name I can’t actually find on the site — which is really annoying!)

“That said, my hosting dues are up and I’m at a point, until December, where financially I’m living in a bunker. There’s just no way I can justify the cost (which is around $120 a year, not exactly life changing money, but that’s a utility bill).

It’s a great resource for would be comic strip writers and we reckon it should continue. If you can, please donate whatever you feel comfortable with here:

On the chance that the site does not make its goal, any donations offered will get kicked over to legendary comic writer John Ostrander’s cause: As we’ve previously reported, John has been battling glaucoma and is need of support.

Plus, in the event that the site OVERshoots its goal, all overages will also go to John’s cause.

For the full details on the appeal here’s a Tinyurl that directs back to the post:

The Comic Book Script Archive is at

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