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Comics Worth Reading, a great US indie comics advocate, has featured a recap on some recent posts following last weekend’s Small Press Expo in the US, and offers some useful advice on using possibly duff copies of your new book, that I thought might be useful for indie press publishers going to the British International Comic Show at the weekend.

“When you’re unpacking your books, comics, or minicomics for a show, you’ll notice some copies don’t look as good as the others,” notes site runner Johanna Draper Carlson. “Maybe they’re print errors… or packing damages.

“Set those copies aside, and give those out as review copies or press freebies,” she suggests. “Save the good ones to sell. Most press members won’t mind; if you explain, they’ll even understand.

She also suggests taking some some kind of small stickers (red dots) or flags to the con, and mark your damages as you see them so you’ll be easily able to find them when you need them. If you have more damages than you’d like or want to give away, sell them at a discount to bargain hunters. One respondee to the post also suggests they would also make good donations to a school or local library.

CWR is a great site: it’s posted lots of info, often on Manga information on to selling you Manga in Japan and PR: What Not to Do: Review Copies and Guilt Trips

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