2000AD’s Alan Grant headlines National Autism Awareness Day event

Event: Alan Grant at Stockbridge Library, 2nd April 2014

2000AD‘s Alan Grant and Scott and Liz Davidson will be at Stockbridge Library, Edinburgh on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 to talk about Scott vs Zombies – a comic based on the real life experiences of a young man, Scott, who has autism, released last year.

The event is part of National Autism Awareness Day and the Library will be auctioning some of original signed artworks by artist Robin Smith (2000AD and The Bogeyman) at the evening event. All proceeds go to work with people with autism.

Alan and Robin teamed up for the first time in 20 years to work on Scott vs Zombies, part of a series of publications commissioned by Edinburgh’s Artlink – where Scottish writers create fiction based on the reality that people with a disability face on a daily basis.


Scott vs Zombies aims to connect with new audiences who may not have any knowledge of autism, as well as highlight the complexities of Scott’s own experiences.

Scott met with Alan Grant to establish an idea for a comic some time back. The plot they came up with involved Scott and his mother Liz as the main characters in a Zombie adventure set in the streets of Edinburgh.

In the story, Scott (as in real life) has difficulties understanding who he is in relation to the people around him and isn’t confident about building relationships. Alan decided to counter these anxieties by creating a situation in which Scott could take control, using the simple coping mechanisms he’s developed.

As ordinary people suddenly become zombies, Edinburgh Castle, Lothian Road and Princes Street Gardens all act as the backdrop to the power struggle that ensues. Will Scott ultimately save his mother and the whole of Edinburgh City from the dreadful onslaught?

You’ll need to grab a copy to find out – and comics will be available for sale at the event.

• National Autism Awareness Day Talk and Auction with Alan Grant, Scott and Liz Davidson – 6–7.0pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014, Stockbridge Library, 11 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh EH3 5BA. More info: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/libraries.  To preview the artworks, visit: www.artlinkedinburgh.bigcartel.com

• Copies of Scott versus Zombies priced at £1.99, are available from ArtlinkAutism Network Scotland and Forbidden Planet


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