Month: May 2010

Meet "Lil", the Girl who Left Home

Fans of Brighton-based creator Paul O’Connell‘s work with brilliant artist Lawrence Elwick may already be familiar with his gentle comic, She’s Leaving Home. Inspired by inspired by now-designer Laura O’Callaghan-White’s frequent yearnings for what was “out there” as a youngster,… Read More ›

In Review: Clifton – Black Moon

Colonel Sir Harold Wiberforce Clifton, British Secret Service (retired), returns to temporary active duty in Black Moon the (chronologically) second of Cinebook’s publications of the new Clifton stories by writer Bob de Groot and artist Michel Rodrigue. In the previous… Read More ›

Dundee Comics Day 2010

The fourth annual Dundee Comics Day, part of the Dundee Literary Festival, will take place at Dundee University on Sunday 27 June 2010 and this year’s theme is Creating Comics. The guest speakers have now been announced and include Alan… Read More ›

In Review: Wasted #3

All right, confession time: Wasted Issue 3 has been on sale for postively ages and a review of this adult comic, available from specialist comic shops and online, is long overdue. The delay is not the fault of the Wasted… Read More ›