Day: December 14, 2007

Forbidden Lego

A book showing children how to make guns out of LEGO is causing parents to have fits as it climbs the list of must-have Christmas presents. Forbidden Lego, written by two former employees of the Danish plastic-brick firm, Ulrik Pilegaard… Read More ›

The future of newspapers?

(With thanks to the Daily Cartoonist for the link): American editorial cartoonist Ted Rall has recently written a three-part column on the future of the newspaper industry. • Part IAs big newspapers and magazines start giving away their content “violating… Read More ›

Infinite Accquisitions

In a marriage of SF makers, independent British television producer Impossible Pictures, makers of Prehistoric Park and Primeval for ITV has acquired the Manchester-based animation company Firestep. The acquisition expands Impossible Pictures’ operations outside of London and the company says… Read More ›