Dogeron 'DOG' Kenan by the Cabrera Brothers

“Free Bundle” digital magazine offers new comics and more from Cabrera Brothers

Independent video game company Cabrera Brothers has recently released a digital webcomic strip featuring their upcoming comic book character, Dogeron “DOG” Kenan.

“Dogeron ‘DOG’ Kenan” will be published online, with each new bi-monthly issue of the new and impressive-looking The Free Bundle digital magazine.

Dogeron 'DOG' Kenan by the Cabrera Brothers

Created by The Cabrera Brothers to help promote unknown indie developers and their games, The Free Bundle is an all-free (ad-free / subscription-free) magazine that focuses primarily on hobbies such as comic books, speculative fiction, video games, classic movies and wargaming, among others.

The bi-monthly webcomic strip will explore the video game character’s backstory and the futuristic Cyberpunk setting of the “NeoSushi City” prior to the events of their upcoming 2019 comic book series.

Featuring the art of Carlos Cabrera (Doctor Who, Heavy Metal, Ghost Racer, X-Men: Gold, and more) and story by the video game’s writer Javier Cabrera (CYPHER: A Cyberpunk Text Adventure), the brothers aim to bring an exciting, all-new intellectual property to comic book readers everywhere.

“We are committed to delivering unique and accessible content to comic books readers in both Spanish and English,” says Javier. “DOG is a crossover between the best of the Cyberpunk genre and today’s political tension. We touch some controversial issues, such as corporate data smuggling, inspired mainly by underground digital distribution as a substitute for broadband internet happening in Cuba, and the incredible reality of seeing governments build walls around their borders.

“We see DOG as a critic of the present and a warning of what the future could hold for us.”

The strip is a fast, action-packed preview of what this creative team of brothers is bringing to the comic book industry next year, directly to Comixology.

“We are eager to show everyone just how dangerous and captivating the world where DOG survives can be,” said artist Carlos Cabrera. “Think of Blade Runner meets Akira and you might just get a gist of what we are doing here.”

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