Super spy Velicity Jones heads back to Aces Weekly!

Aces Weekly 37 - Velicity Jones: The Godcutter AffairAces Weekly Volume 37 begins today – and super spy Velicity Jones from Lee Robson, Bryan Coyle and Bolt-01 is back in action!

Last of the year, but first in class, Aces Weekly leaves 2018 with the same mix of content this digital anthology published by David Lloyd has always offered to readers who love comics for what they often do, as well as the many other things they can do, and can try…

Volume 37 features the return of the loving homage to the super-spy genre from Lee Robson (writer/co-creator of OGN Babble and contributor to numerous anthologies, including FutureQuake and Zarjaz) and Bryan Coyle (artist/co-creator of OGN Babble, creator of War Cars and contributor to various anthologies, including FutureQuake, Zarjaz and Omnivistascope),  starring Velicity Jones in a new action-packed serial, “The Godcutter Affair“.

Set in the 1960s, “The Godcutter Affair”, follows the events of “The Devil’s Breath” (as seen in Volume 29, which we raved about here). The international arms dealer Mael Riqueti has taken possession of the mythical weapon known as The Godcutter and is set to ascend to the head of the secret society known as The Brotherhood of The Blade – an organisation that counts some of the most powerful people on the planet amongst its ranks. Whoever possesses The Godcutter rules the world…

With the clock ticking, it falls to Britain’s greatest secret agent, Velicity Jones, to stop Riqueti from plunging the world into chaos. However, the Brotherhood has acolytes in intelligence agencies across the world, and they know all about Velicity’s mission…

I’ve had a sneak peek at the entire adventure lettered by Bolt-01 (commissioning editor of FutureQuake Press and letterer of countless comic projects), and needless to say it’s just as fun, action packed and enjoyable as the Velicity Jones first outing. There are, as before, plenty of twists and turns to the story – and it’s definitely got at least one jaw dropping cliffhanger!

Also in this volume of Aces Weekly, the odd couple of Riot and Phil, created by the super brains of Roberto Corroto and Ertito Montana, continue to make death their living in a world of gangsters and weird monsters called Sicarios

Aces Weekly 37 - Sicarios Adventures

The early adventures of a famous wizard from folklore continue as his quest to return a legendary sword to a place of safety gets increasingly hazardous and complex in Jok and Santullo‘s Merlin and Hector: Excalibur

Aces Weekly 37 - Merlin and Hector: Excalibur

Plus, Outrun, the blockbuster, high-energy, road epic previewed in Volume 35, is now here, in full, from Marco Morale and Matteo Filippi

Aces Weekly 37 - Outrun

The dark and strange comedy of urban existence from the extraordinary, Paul Rainey, also comes back to intrigue us in “Why Don’t You Love Me..?“…

Aces Weekly 37 - Why Don't You Love Me by Paul Rainey

… And the oddest adventurer in SF finds himself facing his most dangerous adversary – a challenger as smart and deadly as himself – in another story of cosmic craziness created by Phil Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid in “Mr Custa: A Rock Star In Space“…

Aces Weekly 37 - Mr Custa: A Rock Star In Space

Plus, David Leach brings us more of… of… of (choke!) – Psycho Gran…!

Aces Weekly - Psycho Gran by David Leach

Finally, if you’ve ever squashed a fly, remember the next time you’re tempted to, that they can be just like you… with thoughts and feelings and the happy smile they show in Esteban Hernandez‘s “Bug World“…

Aces Weekly 37 - Esteban Hernandez's "Bug World"Aces Weekly is a non-paper comic art magazine of up to 150 pages , which is exclusively designed for tablet, laptop, desktop, and smart tv, and goes directly to subscribers in 7 weekly parts for just £1 per week, in any currency.

Freedom from the unnecessary expenditure of print, distribution and retail, means the Aces Weekly team can publish at a lower cost, charge less for their product than a paper equivalent, and give a much greater percentage of income from our sales to our creators than a paper
product of equal content.

Whenever and wherever you’re connected, Aces Weekly is at your service at the touch of a button, with original serials, short stories, and heaps of Extras, from the planet’s top talent.  Contributors thus far include some of the most well-known names in comics creativity, including David Lloyd, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughan, Herb Trimpe,
James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, David Hitchcock, Dan Christensen, Dave Hine, Henry Flint,
Paul Maybury, Shaky Kane, Yishan Li, Marc Hempel, David Leach, Batton Lash, Rachael Smith, Phil Elliott and Fred Fordha.

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