Crowdfunding Spotlight: “Acceptable Losses” by ”Pride” creator Joe Glass

Acceptable Losses is the latest brand new comic one shot from The Pride creator Joe Glass, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Telling a powerful and shocking story of what if our own heroes became the terrorists, it explores the never ending cycle of violence in the War on Terror.

Acceptable Losses details the last official mission of the United States sole superhuman military operative, the US Eagle. On this fateful mission, Eagle finds himself at the mercy of enemies in the field and callous and careless superiors at home.

After the mission goes spectacularly wrong, the greedy and power-hungry Senator that caused the devastating failure faces a horrifying attack on US soil.

An act of revenge? But by whom?

Acceptable Losses tells a dark, poignant and action-packed superhero revenge fantasy, and, like The Pride there is gay content – and representative content, too.

This new comic, looking at the cycle of violence in the war on terror and those fighting it on both sides, is written by Joe Glass, the creator and writer of The Pride and The Pride Adventures, that has been part of numerous very successful Kickstarters.

This is Joe’s first solo written, self-published comic that is not connected to The Pride and shows a whole new side of his writing.

Acceptable Losses artist Danny Flores is an up-and-coming illustrator in the field of comics. Having only illustrated a few short stories here and there, and if funding is gained, this will be his first book published.

Moose Baumann is a colourist who has worked on a large number of titles, including DC’s Green Lantern, Seven Soldiers of Victory and Nightwing, and many more.

Michael Stock is a letterer and long-time collaborator with Joe Glass. He’s lettered numerous comics across the UK independent scene including The Pride, The Kill Screen, Samurai Slasher and much more.

“There’s a reason I want to make Acceptable Losses,” says Joe. “For me, it’s about showing what I can do outside of The Pride.

The Pride is an incredibly well received series, and I could not be prouder of it,” he continues, “but it is very much just one of the stories I have in me. Acceptable Losses is a chance for me to show off something completely different and even unexpected from me, that I think can be enjoyed both by fans of my existing work and also by people who’ve never read anything by me before.

“It was also a chance to work with the amazing Danny Flores and Moose Baumann, and my long-time collaborator Michael Stock once again.

“For Danny, this is his first full comic to get printed, so it will be a great chance to show off his work too. I’m very excited for people to see what we can put together.

“Finally, it’s a story about the consequences of our actions, as much in our world as in this fictional one. It’s a story about where exactly an ‘eye for an eye’ gets us, and how rushing in headlong to get the job done without thinking through all of the angles can result in disaster.

It’s about seeing the shades of grey in even the most black and white of situations, and our responsibility for whatever we decide to do with that information.

“But most of all, Acceptable Losses is about an entertaining, superhero thriller with depth.”

The Kickstarter is live now and if everyone who likes The Pride backed Acceptable Losses for just a digital copy, the Kickstarter would sail passed its goal of £6000.

Support Acceptable Losses here on Kickstarter

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