It’s Electrifyin’! Awesome Comics Podcast features Leah Moore

Awesome Comic Podcast 10 - Leah Moore

Episode 10 of the Awesome Comics Podcast is slipping and sliding into your pyjamas today. Hosted by Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond, this episode has as its guest, writer and digital comics pioneer Leah Moore.

The guys talk with Leah about the just-launched digital comics venture called Electricomics, which as we reported last week, boasts some incredible talent (Alan Moore, Colleen Doran, Garth Ennis, Peter Hogan, John Reppion, Nicola Scott and Leah herself), offering an incredibly interactive and beautiful comics experience.

Leah talks about her other writing work for Dynamite Comics and 2000AD‘s Judge Dredd Megazine and how that all came about.  Hilarious and great company, Leah, after offering a little insight into her way of working, also joins in the mucking about and asks Vince about his love for milky bedtime drinks and slippers.

Red Horse by Garth Ennis and Frank Victoria
Red Horse by Garth Ennis and Frank Victoria

You also get a long box load of reviews and recommendations in the small press UK scene as well as a calendar of upcoming signings and conventions.

The competition to win two tickets to the Nottingham Comic Convention on the 24th October winner is announced and there is news of a new and exciting comics competition (that may involve some Alan Moore signed goodies!)

So, if you don’t mind a bit of bad language, some fashion tips on where and when to wear a cord jacket and a little bit of excellent ranting from the newly-named Guns McVanguard then listen in! Tony also manages to confuse Peter Hogan with Aussie superstar Paul Hogan (so no news about a possible Crocodile Dundee 4!!!)

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