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DC Comics vamps up its digital titles, will British publishers follow their lead?

DC Entertainment has just unveiled two new digital innovations today that the company says will take its comics to “the next level of interactivity” – DC2, a new initiative that layers dynamic artwork onto digital comic panels, adding a new level… Read More ›

ROK Comics teams with escape artist ‘Master Merlini’ for latest audio title

Lancaster-based ROK Comics, publisher of audio comics for a range of mobile devices, have announced the release of Master Merlini, its latest interactive title featuring an all-new incarnation of the real-life, world famous escape artist David Merlini.Escape artist, crime fighter,… Read More ›

ROK Comics releases first iPad audio comic, Team MOBILE

ROK Comics, Britain’s dedicated mobile comics publisher, has published its first originated audio comic title for the iPad – TEAM M.O.B.I.L.E. Featuring a fully authored audio soundtrack and its own theme tune, TEAM M.O.B.I.L.E. is the exciting story of teenage… Read More ›

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