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Creating Comics: A Turn of the Millennium Interview with Alan Moore, Part One

First published on the Engine Comics web site way back in 2002, this wide-ranging interview with Alan Moore specifically about writing comics with Daniel Whiston is a fascinating read, and we’re delighted to have permission to re-publish it here on… Read More ›

Radio interviews with Al Davison, David Hine, Tom Humberstone and Tony Lee

Panel Borders: From small press to mainstream In a panel discussion recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON, the London International festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, guest presenter Matt Badham talks to comic creators David Hine, Al Davison, Tom Humberstone and Tony… Read More ›

Happy Birthday, 2000AD! From feature and script droid Matthew Badham

Matt Badham Blog or web site: I’m a contributor to the Forbidden Planet International blog, down thetubes and I’m on Twitter at: Currently working on: Articles for the Judge Dredd Megazine, Comic Heroes and Strip Magazine. First memory of… Read More ›

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