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New Commando tale offers “Operation Torch”-inspired World War Two story

Here’s the lowdown on the latest issues of Commando (Issues 4887-4890), on sale this coming Thursday. These new issues are announced just as publisher DC Thomson also advertises for a new editor for the title, who “will play a pivotal role… Read More ›

Comics For Valentine’s Day: Celebrating 40 Years of Action and Bullet

Valentine’s Day is usually considered a time for lovers, but this year – 2016 – it’s year for lovers of Action… and Bullet, two British boys’ comics celebrating their 40th anniversary. Although, sadly, neither of course are still being published, both left… Read More ›

2000AD Script Droid Kek-W Defects to Commando, Convict Commandos Back in Action!

Here’s the intel on the latest issues of DC Thomson’s pocket library war comic Commando (Issues 4847-4850), on sale today in all good newsagents and via various digital platforms. Good news this week is that the Convict Commandos are back… Read More ›

Hurricane Aces and terror on the streets of Georgian Manchester in Commando

Here’s the intel on the latest issues of DC Thomson’s war comic Commando (Issues 4843-4846) on sale today, 10th September 2015, in all good newsagents and for various mobile devices. Commando 4843 – Peterloo! Story: Ferg Handley Art: Carlos Pino… Read More ›

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