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RetroFan magazine set to celebrate the Crazy Cool Culture You Grew Up With!

TwoMorrows Publishing debuts RetroFan #1, a new full-colour magazine celebrating the Crazy Cool Culture You Grew Up With next week. Do you remember when Saturday morning television was your domain, and yours alone? When tattoos came from bubble gum packs,… Read More ›

TwoMorrows Jack Kirby tribute debuts this month

Marking the centennial of US comic artist Jack Kirby‘s birth, TwoMorrows Publishing and Jack Kirby Collector magazine will release KIRBY100 later this month, an incredible tribute to the influential artist and writer featuring articles by 100 top comic creators, including Britain’s… Read More ›

Frank Bellamy Thunderbirds Art Prints Released, and do check out “True Brit”!

Last month, we plugged the fantastic Comics Unstripped exhibition at Kettering Museum and Art Gallery (and Colin Noble reviewed it here). The exhibition, which runs until 20th August 2016, features work by Frank Bellamy – who lived in the town – Doug Braithwaite, John… Read More ›

TwoMorrows Announces “Comic Book Fever: A Celebration of Comics: 1976 – 1986”

US publisher TwoMorrows has announced the upcoming publication of A Celebration of Comics: 1976-1986 by George Khoury, author of The Extraordinary Works Of Alan Moore and True Brit: A Celebration of the Great Comic Book Artists of the UK. Described… Read More ›

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