“A Force” drop back into Commando in new all action tale!

There are new issues of Commando out this week (Issues 5387 – 5390) from DC Thomson Media, once again tackling air, land, and sea in these varied and dynamic stories.

This set includes an all-new A Force tale from Ferg Handley and Carlos Pino, featuring the title’s modern strike team, recounting another exploit starring Jack Ramsey, grandson of Captain Jimmy Ramsey of “Ramsey’s Raiders” fame.

Given a crew of his own, operating behind enemy lines, fighting terrorists — can Jack live up to his grandfather’s reputation or will he be trapped living in his shadow?

Commando 5387: Home of Heroes: A-Force — Anarchy

Commando 5387: Home of Heroes: A-Force — Anarchy
Story: Ferg Handley| Art: Carlos Pino | Cover: Carlos Pino
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The grandson of Jimmy (“Ramsey’s Raiders) Ramsey and his team are back in another contemporary mission — this time chasing down pirates and mercenaries operating in the Caspian Sea!

There’s no doubt the Sarovians are part of this trouble, but not all is well within the ranks of A-Force when Sonic hears a little more than she is supposed to. Can the team overcome their paranoia and stick together for the cause?

Ferg Handley’s next generation series continues with lively interiors and an action-packed cover from Carlos Pino.

Commando 5388: Gold Collection: Yellow Hero

Commando 5388: Gold Collection: Yellow Hero
Story: Frost | Art: Bielsa | Cover: Ken Barr
Originally Commando No. 319 (1968)
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After fighting Jerry under extreme circumstances in the desert, rumours of treachery haunt Jim Tulley as he tries to piece together what really happened at the fortress of El Habid.

In an action-packed thriller of a Commando, Tulley fights to keep ahead of enemies behind his own lines and the firing squad that follow, all whilst taking on the Germans and waging a private war with the sinister Ned Regan!

Bielsa’s superb interiors bring Frost’s exciting story to life in this issue with an unusual and striking cover from Ken Barr.

Commando 5389: Action and Adventure: Code Drop!

Commando 5389: Action and Adventure: Code Drop!
Story: Hayley Austin | Art: Paolo Ongaro | Cover: Ian Kennedy
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The death of Penny and Oliver Chevalier’s father has done little to mend bridges between the warring siblings. As they go their separate ways to support the war effort, the pair end up on opposite sides of the world.

But fate inextricably winds them back together as Penny’s SOE activities and an irrepressible Nazi stitch out Oliver’s fate, as the tides turn on D-Day!

Paolo Ongaro’s high-contrast interiors add drama and suspense to Hailey Austin’s latest script for Commando, featuring a spirited cover from Ian Kennedy.

Commando 5390: Silver Collection: The Jets from Nowhere!
Story: RA Montague | Art: Jose Maria Jorge | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1609 (1982)
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Hawker Typhoons try their utmost to defend RAF bases against a marauding group of Heinkel 162s in this dramatic airborne adventure.

Whilst Don and Dick think about their upwardly mobile careers, the Luftwaffe are bearing down on HQ — but as the RAF pilots frantically hunt down the elusive Nazi planes, it seems there’s nothing to stop these jets from nowhere!

Jose Maria Jorge’s airy realism lends spaciousness to RA Montague’s intense story, wrapped in a classic Ian Kennedy cover.

Commando Comics is online at www.commandocomics.com | DC Thomson – Subscriptions | Facebook | Twitter | Commando Comics on AmazonUK

Commando Calendar 2021

From its very first cover in 1961, Commando has been well regarded for its stunning artwork with subjects spanning land, sea, and air! 

This collection, celebrating the first 60 years of the title, covers features a mixture of pieces curated by Commando readers themselves, combined with some of the editorial team’s own favourites. 

Included are 16 covers by some of the world’s greatest ever comic artists as well as a special double-spread of Commando’s first ever joint cover!

Buy one calendar from the DC Thomson web shop for £7.99, two for £13.50, four for £23.50 or six for £30.00

The Art of Ian Kennedy is available to order here on Amazon (Using this Affiliate Link helps support

The book showcases Ian’s fantastic array of work for not only DC Thomson Media but also his own personal collection. The high spec 160-page art book includes both never before seen and classic covers, as well as illustrations from the DC Thomson archives, featuring titles as diverse as Lucky Charm and Buddy. Set out chronologically, the book showcases Ian’s career at the famous Scottish publishing house, from his early days working on ‘Red-Skull Branson’ and ‘Commando Jim’ to his most recent covers and commissions for Commando

• The Art of Ian Kennedy is also available to order from DC Thomson direct


Commando Comics is online at www.commandocomics.com | DC Thomson – Subscriptions | Facebook | Twitter | Commando Comics on AmazonUK

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