Avery Hill release trailer for Owen D Pomery’s upcoming graphic novel “Victory Point”

Very fine UK comics Indy publisher Avery Hill has released a trailer for Victory Point, the upcoming graphic novel by Owen D. Pomery.

From the book’s description:

In the 1930s, the village of Victory Point was selected as the site of an architectural experiment. Funded by both the government and private investors, they appointed modernist architect M.L Schreiber to redesign the town on modernist principles, creating an exemplar of ‘how to live’. Lack of public interest meant the development had to reduce the scale of its ambition, and what remains today is a quiet, coastal oddity. Now it is merely home to those that chose to live there…

On a summer’s day, Ellen returns to her coastal hometown – the picturesque, yet architecturally strange, Victory Point. Revisiting old haunts and people from her past, she feels both disconnected from her previous life and exhausted by the constant struggle of ‘swimming upstream’ to forge her way ahead.

Exploring the town, performing a thought experiment in how to live, Ellen searches for some comfort in her own history that might give her the strength to move forward.

Victory Point quietly explores the idea of how we choose to live and be remembered. It ultimately asks whether we should strive for a higher calling, or if a simple, domestic legacy is the most honest and admirable achievement we can hope for – and if the land from which we disembark feels as alien as the one we hope to reach, how does anyone make their peace with a life amongst the ever- changing ocean waves?

Victory Point by Owen D Pomery Avery Hill header

Victory Point by Owen D Pomery Avery Hill header

I am really liking the look of this, and having enjoyed Owen’s previous works (I recall us praising him quite highly on the old Forbidden Planet International Blog) I think I shall be adding this to my watch list come summer.

Victory Point will be released in hardback by Avery Hill on 11th June 2020 in the UK and 18th July in the United States.

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  1. WOW! The landscapes, very Herge! The viewing angles of the gorgeous buildings… amazing! The back story… really rouses the curiosity.