Charley’s War exhibition continues at Musée de la Grande Guerre




The grand sounding Musée de la Grande Guerre (The Museum of the Great War) in Pays de Meaux, France is hosting an exhibition of art by Joe Colquhoun from the Battle story “Charley’s War” written by Pat Mills until January 2015.

Housing a collection unparalleled anywhere in Europe, the museum offers a new vision of World War One, through innovative scenography illustrating the great changes and upheavals in society that resulted from it. A remarkable heritage to be handed on to future generations, the museum offers a vision of’ history and society to help learn of past hardships, better understand present-day society and build tomorrow’s world.

“Charley’s War: An English Representation of the Great War” features art from on loan from the Colquhoun estate in a story  following the young Charley Bourne, a tommy who finds himself confronted with the hell of trench warfare. The exhibition, which is the first ever display of art from the strip in France, launched in October to tie in with the French release of Charley’s War Volume Seven: The Great Mutiny by Delirium, which features  an exclusive introduction by Jacques Tardi.

Of note to “Charley’s War” fans is that the Museum is selling a limited edition, 500-piece portfolio of art from “Charley’s War”: 10 superb reproductions of original drawings at A3 size, the choices selected  in partnership with the magazine Guerres & Histoires et le Musée de La Grande Guerre de Meaux by Jean Lopez, editor of the magazine, and Michel Rouger, director of the Museum, who also signed the introductory texts.

•  “Charley’s War: An English Representation of the Great War” is at the  Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux, Rue Lazare Ponticelli 77100 Meaux France until 4th January 2015. Web (available in English):

• The Great War in Comics exhibition featuring art from the strip continues at the Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal until 6th December. Another exhibition of special prints is running at Plymouth University until 14th November (see news story). There is a permanent display of “Charley’s War” art at the Tank Museum, Bovington


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