Comic Art Now Goes On Sale

On sale now in a good book shop near you — or, very possibly, on stalls at this weekend’s Comic Expo in Bristol — is the much anticipated Comic Art Now from industry veteran Dez Skinn, a 200-page “comic art directory” for HarperCollins Design (US) and ILEX (UK), plus various European publishers.

“With well over 100 artists work on show (US, UK, Brazil, Sweden, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, Bulgaria…), plus full contact details, it gives our industry something it’s long needed, “Dez explains, “An equivalent to The Creative Handbook, The Art Directory, etc and gives creators a general audience exposure and puts their names/email addresses in the hands of account execs and the like who invariably steal their styles because they don’t know how to find them.

“Uniquely,” he adds, “Unlike the existing directories which charge for inclusion, this book’s selection for inclusion is based on the quality of the art rather than the artist’s bank balance!”

Early feedback on the book has been very positive. “Nice production, and a good variety of styles,” feels top cartoonist and contributor to the tome Lew Stringer, “most of which dwarf my humble effort but it’s an honour to be included alongside such talents.”

“Thank you for including me in the Comic Art Now book,” comments Roberta Gregory. “It’s gorgeous and an honor to be in it with such illustrious company, while Rian Hughes has praised the great selection of material and Chris Reynolds describing the title as “fantastic”. All in all, great feedback for what looks to be a very useful directory of comic creators.

“What I’m most pleased about, as you may guess,” says Dez, “is achieving a Comic Art Directory as a working item, rather than simply another coffee table book.”

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