ComPalComics offers Charley’s War, Doctor Who art and more in latest auction

The November Compalcomics auction is now up and running, offering another terrific catalogue of British and US comics, along with one of the last “Dan Dare” artworks created for the Eagle by Frank Hampson and team, a Doctor Who cover for TV Action, art by Frank Bellamy and Dudley Watkins – and much more.

The selection of pre-war British comics in this auction includes many first issues with their scarce free gifts, such as Boy’s Cinema, Modern Boy, Picture Show, School Days, Scoops No 1 (with its rare Checkerboard Puzzle free gift), Topical Times, and Wild West Weekly.

Boy’s Cinema (1919-1940) No 1, 120, 131, 686, 690, 948, 1055-1057, 1059, 1060
(All with free gift Film Star art cards and postcards (except No 1) including Harry Houdini, Harold Lloyd, Joan Crawford, Gracie Fields, Gary Cooper, Max Miller (like his act, colourful), George Formby, Gene Autry and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.)
No 686 has 12 stars in Boy’s Cinema Wallet. See if you can spot your favourites…!
Radio Fun 18 (1939) with free gift Bumper Song Book, Nelson Lee Library 23, 25 (1933), Gem 1331 (1933) and Modern Boy 314 (1934) wfg Pioneer Aero Car
Scoops No 1 (1934) ‘The UK’s first Science-Fiction Weekly.’ Wfg Scoops Checkerboard Puzzle (rare)
Major character first appearances (1928-53)
Rover 304 (1928) 1st Morgyn The Mighty, 305 1st Morgyn The Mighty cover, 1244 (1949) 1st Alf Tupper, Tough of The Track, Wizard 1029 (1943) 1st Wilson story: The Truth About Wilson [vg], Wizard 1453 (1953 Bumper Xmas issue), Rover 1414 (1952) 1st ‘I Flew with Braddock’ and Beano 583 (1953) 1st General Jumbo

Early Dandy comics also feature, plus a full set of The Beano from 1947 in a bound volume,a long with a signed Dudley Watkins “Biffo the Bear” cover artwork from 1953. Low distribution Beano years of 1962 and 1963 complete the DC Thomson picture.

Dandy Monster Comic (1945) – Desperate Dan Downhill Racer! Bright boards and spine with some edge wear. No dedication, cream pages [fn-]
Wizard 1491 (1954) wfg Midget Comic featuring Wilson and the Boyhood of Desperate Dan
Rusty, disintegrated staple stains [vg]

Cowboy Comics/Library is offered over three lots and Super-Detective Library highlights No 1 and 17 early issues up to No 20. Paget Publication’s Oh Boy! and Wonderman titles are also on offer, and include the ultra-rare No 22, the only compilation issue.

Cowboy Comics (1951) 31-50 Starring Buck Jones and Kit Carson Bright

Jackie magazine is an icon of the Swinging 60s, its pages highlighting the burgeoning influence of Dolly Birds and Dandies in film, fashion and pop culture. 1964 – 66 are offered in fab full years.

Jackie Magazine (1964) 1-51. Complete year with Elvis, Cliff, Billy Fury, Beatles, Stones, Dave Clark, Manfred Mann, more pop groups that you can throw a drumstick at. Cathy & Claire’s Problem Page, Fashion, Gossip and Romance (phew!)

Original artwork is to the fore with boards by Roy Wilson, “Dan Dare” by Frank Hampson and his team, one of the last initiated by Dare’s creator, “Sexton Blake” by Eric Parker, “Jeff Arnold” by Frank Humphris, Garth, “Thunderbirds” and an atmospheric Maasai warrior study by Frank Bellamy, “Charley’s War” by Joe Colquhoun and a “Doctor Who” cover from TV Action by Gerry Haylock.

Battlestar Galactica original artwork (1980) by Martin Asbury for Look-in (episode 13)
Apollo has to take off again with one special mission – to destroy the Cylon fortress-ship
Poster colour on board. 17 x 14 ins
Thunderbirds original artwork (1968) drawn, painted and signed by Frank Bellamy for TV21 No 172.. A neutron cannon developed by Brains has crashed into the Thames. The crash has activated the firing mechanism and a neutron particle is aimlessly fired every ninety seconds destroying everything in its path…
Pelikan inks on board with some fading to grey. 15 x 18 ins
Maasai Warrior drawn and signed by Frank Bellamy (1960s). Terra cotta pastel on black cartridge paper. 23 x 20 ins
Nude study drawn and signed by Frank Bellamy (mid 1960s). During this time Frank Bellamy ran and organised life drawing classes at the Studio Club in London’s Piccadilly
Crayon on paper. 15 x 12 ins
Garth: ‘The People of the Abyss’. 2 original consecutive artworks (1972) by Frank Bellamy for the Daily Mirror 24/25 Oct 1972
Indian ink on board. 21 x 7 ins (x2)
Garth: ‘The People of the Abyss’ original artwork (1972) by Frank Bellamy for the Daily Mirror 24 Nov 1972. Indian ink on board. 21 x 7 ins
Garth: ‘The Women of Galba’ 2 original consecutive artworks (1973) by Frank Bellamy for the Daily Mirror 16/17 Feb 1973
Indian ink on board. 21 x 7 ins (x2)
Charley’s War: 3 original artworks by Joe Colquhoun from Battle-Action 260 (1979) pgs 2, 3 and 5. October 1916! The Battle of the Somme continues with Operation Wotan as hundreds of Judgement Troopers, under the command of the vicious Colonel Zeiss, poured into the British trenches. Indian ink on cartridge paper. 17 x 15 ins each (x3)
Dan Dare original artwork (1959) drawn and painted by Frank Hampson for The Eagle Vol. 10: No 24, 1959. Discovering that his long-lost father had managed to escape the Galactic Pioneer’s explosion some 30 years earlier, Dan, Digby and Sir Hubert board Anastasia to continue the search on the unexplored planet, Terra Nova … This was one of the last pieces painted by Hampson. Gouache on board. 16 x 12 ins
Doctor Who original cover artwork by Gerry Haylock for TV Action No 67 May 27 1972
With original comic. Poster colour on board. A laser colour copy header has been added to complete the image. It is detachable if desired
Jeff Arnold / Riders of the Range original artwork (1955) drawn and painted by Frank Humphris for The Eagle Vol. 6: No 30 pg 7 1955
Bright fresh poster paint colours on board. 20 x 16 ins
Sexton Blake/The Manor-House Menace original cover artwork by Eric Parker for Sexton Blake Library No 75 (1940s). From the Eric Parker Archive. Poster colour on board. 18 x 14 ins
Sexton Blake/The Crime on the Moors original cover artwork by Eric Parker for Sexton Blake Library No 131 (1946), Sexton Blake Library No 131 included. Poster colour on board. 16 x 13 ins
17th Lancers ‘Review Order 1853’ painting painted and signed by Eric Parker
13 x 11 ins. With two cover preparation artworks for The Soldier magazine (1950s), both 13 x 10 ins (3). From the Eric Parker Archive
Andy Capp original artwork signed twice by Reg Smythe from the D. Mirror 10 March 1978
Black and half-tone on board. 15 x 5 ins
Our Gang original artwork by Dudley Watkins from The Dandy (late 1930s). From the Bob Monkhouse Archive. Indian ink on card. 18 x 15 ins
Oor Wullie 6 image photocopy annotated ‘D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd 1983’ with office pencil notes
15 x 11 ins. With two identical prints showing 16 of Oor Wullie’s cheeky expressions
8 x 10 ins (3)
Beano/Biffo the Bear front cover original artwork (1953) drawn, painted and signed by Dudley Watkins for The Beano No 561 Apr 18 1953. Biffo is the park keeper at Dundee’s Victoria Park but his efforts to pick up one piece of litter diverts a bus full of picnickers and mayhem in the park! Bright poster colour and Indian ink on cartridge paper. 20 x 14 ins
With detachable ‘The Beano’ header laser colour cop
Wonder Comic Happy Christmas Number original preliminary artwork by Roy Wilson (1940s) with four further Roy Wilson artwork strips: George the Jolly Gee-Gee from Radio Fun, Pitch and Toss from Funny Wonder, Happy Andy from Tip Top and Terry-Thomas from Film Fun. From the Bob Monkhouse Archive. Indian ink on card (5)

The British section of the auction also includes a scarce first printing of VIZ No1 with No 4 and 16 early issues, all collected by the original owner who was a student at Newcastle Polytechnic at the time.

(Irrespective of the malign influence of Millie Tant, Buster Gonad and Victor Pratt the Stupid Twat – he still passed most of his exams).

Viz No 4 (1980). This original issue was bought by our vendor from punk rocker, Arthur 2 Stroke, in Newcastle’s ‘Jesmond’ pub in October 1980. Arthur and his band, The Chart Commandos were advertised on the front cover
Light vertical fold, cream/white pages [fn]

Also included in this auction is a scarce copy of “The Nursery Alice”, published in 1890 by MacMillan & Co, a book including 20 coloured illustrations by Sir John Tenniel from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with text adapted for nursery readers by Lewis Carroll.

Mickey Mouse Tidley-Winks game (1930s) by Chad Valley. Figures bright and fresh, Pluto’s yellow holder neatly repaired, box [vg]. 14 x 6 x 2 ins

The US section is busy too, and includes 1940s Batman, Detective Comics, Human Torch, Superman and Marvel Mystery Comics with a scarce ‘Canadian Whites’ selection. Silver Age titles on offer include Avengers and Fantastic Four, along with strong runs of Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish and X-Men.

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• Bidding closes on Sunday 22nd November from 2.00 pm UK time. If you have any questions about items in this auction, please send an email to Compalcomics Director Malcolm Phillips:

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