Crowdfunding Spotlight: Iapetus Rising by Glenn B Fleming

Iapetus Rising by Glenn B. Fleming

British comic creator Glenn B Fleming‘s Kickstarter for his SF epic, Iapetus Rising has just launched and he needs your support to get the book published, in your hands, on the shelves and to the top of the bestseller lists!

Iapetus Rising is a novel of pure science fiction, comprising 180 full colour pages and 60 illustrations, which, if Glenn’s funding bid to raise XXX is successful,  will be produced in a perfect bound, soft back first edition.

Original art from the book will be available to purchase and a signed, limited edition hard back is planned, but that, again, depends on you all!

Glen’s already done the rounds with his work and gained some impressive accolades for the project that include Pat Mills, who enthuses “Marooned in space is one of my favourite SF genres and Iapetus Rising delivers with an atmospheric and eerie space mystery.

“This is vivid, powerful and realistic science fiction. ‘Iapetus Rising’ delivers; reading it, I felt a real pang for this realistic SF approach.”

Iapetus Rising Sample 2

Iapetus Rising Sample 3

“It’s a  refreshing return to classic science fiction,” concurs Dean Plakas – co-host of Eklectica. “Realistic, raw emotion in a suspenseful tale where there are no easy ways out, no convenient answers; a book where you cannot help but read to the end in the same day you start it. Iapetus Rising is definitely a great addition to any bibliophile desiring a new book in the old school style of science fiction.’

“Glenn B Fleming has created a true science fiction epic and, in my opinion, an instant classic,” says Marvel Comics Artist/Creator Guy Dorian. “Iapetus Rising takes us through an emotional journey with the main character (and our own minds), revealing both our greatest fears and highest hopes.”

Check out Iapetus Rising on Kickstarter here

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